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Hey, hey, HEY! Guess what time it is?!

Well, no, not super cool art (and a special surprise) time (that's coming later).

It's "Hey, look! Kassie made a Bronze Trio Fanmix!" time!

"Pumpkin and Honey Bunny/Miserlou" ~ Dick Dale and the Deltones
This song...well, aside from the opening Pulp Fiction, this is the music we play while speeding on the freeway, with the nonexistant top down on either my spiffy black car or Ozzy's spiffy black car, with sunglasses on...at night. It's an instrumental, save some occasional shouting, and...I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Theme from Firefly"
"Take my love / Take my land / Take me where I cannot stand..."
Mostly this is for the "You can't take the sky from me" sentiment...and the fact that we could totally gang up on Snape and sing it while in detention for...whatever.

"Yer Net" ~ Philipism
We love our Internet, we do, we do! And, just for that, let's have a song about teh Intarweb and its greatness.

"Grey Gardens" ~ Rufus Wainwright
Chelsea's theme song. Also, it's pretty and literary, and so are we. And...Rufus wins. Will anyone contest me on this?

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" ~ The Beatles
Chaos? Panic? Destruction? A better appreciation of intellectualism? Our work here is done.

"It's The End of the World as We Know It" ~ REM
Well...that goes without saying.

"Falling For the First Time" ~ Barenaked Ladies
I actually don't remember my reason for this, but I think it fits, sotherehah.

"Basket Case" ~ Green Day
...Well, duh. Besides, it's a fun song about being going out of your mind, so it can be the background noise for a bothering Snape montage.

"The Internet is for Porn" ~ Trekkie Monster, Kate Monster, et al.
Ozzy's theme song. Can we say, "corruption of the innocent?" Yes, yes we can.

"Changes" ~ David Bowie
I probably use this song too much, but it fits here, especially the "And these children that you spit on" part, since we are self-directed and awesome like that.

"Cheer Up Emo Kid!" ~ Patent Pending
...Someone's gotta say it.

"Keep It Gay" ~ The Producers OBC
I want to claim it as my theme song, but...we all do this, be it with gay boys, lesbian schoolgirls, or both. So...keep it gay, indeed!

"Tango: Maureen" ~ Tracie Thomas and Anthony Rapp
Actually, I'm presently writing the Yule Ball scene wherein we DO the Tango Maureen (and convince Dumbles to get Snape into an Angel costume, just because). I tried drawing art for it in Precalc, but failed miserably past getting Ozzy into Maureen's red dress (Ozzy, luv, you make a very pretty girl, and, Chelsea, you make a very attractive guy).

"You Won't Succeed on Broadway" ~ David Hyde Pierce
All showtunes fear T3h Bronze Trio! Besides, can't you just picture us busting out with this when someone points out that Anthony Goldstein is the only ostentatious Jew at Hogwarts? And Ozzy can be Patsy, I've got dibs on Robin, which makes Chelsea King Arthur (YAY CROSS-CASTING).

"Do You Want To" ~ Franz Ferdinand
Us: Hey, Professor?
Snape: What now?
Us: Professor Karkaroff says he wants to suck you off.
Snape: ...Excuse me?
Us: Do you want to?
Snape: NO!
A few moments of silence.
Us: How 'bout now?
Snape: *glares* Get out of my office...

"Devil's Dance Floor" ~ Flogging Molly
Mine! ...I mean...my theme song, being that the first instance of Bronze Trio chaos was incited by me going, "I'm boooooooored!" And I think a good deal of the rest of it will be as well.

"Mrs. Robinson" ~ Simon and Garfunkel
...Please tell me I'm not the only one who wants to get Snape dressed up as boggart!Snape and mock the fact that, in fanfic, he's a creepy pedophile. I mean...we've got Snarry, Snamione, Snaco, Snape/Ron, Sneville (W. T. F?!?!), and, just for MY nefarious purposes, Sniktor.

"Dragostea Din Tei" ~ O-Zone
...Just because.

"Crocodile Rock" ~ Elton John
Again: ...Just because.

"Save Tonight" ~ Rockapella
A Capella and the Bronze Trio? A match made in Heaven...Hell...Purgatory...something like that.

And the downloadable zip file because I'm being kind of lazy right now. But I'll upload individual songs and make those the downloads instead, if you guys need me to do so.
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