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Kassie got a BA in inventing subtext.

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Oy! Ozzy and Chelsea! I had a kick-ass idea while I was driving my exhausted mum and idiot sister home!

Now, Ozzy...you'll get this less, unless you know RENT and haven't told me, but...anyway. Chelsea and I, see, cast each other as Mark and Joanne (we're both Mark, if you ask us, and Joanne if you ask the other). Mark is a goofy, hopeful filmmaker, who is broke and lives with Roger, the aspiring rockstar; Joanne is a realistic, incredibly well-behaved lesbian lawyer who always has a deep-cutting, snarky remark.

The common thing between them is that they both slept with Maureen, who is..."free-spirited" and protests stuff for a "living."

So, the point I'm trying to make here is that...if we do it MY way, Chelsea's the only one who's playing in her correct gender. If we do it HER way - which I'm inclined to do, since my sub-conscious has made me start learning Joanne's lines in addition to Angel's - then I will be the only one playing in my correct gender. You're a smart boy; put two and two together.

And, if the fun itself isn't incentive enough, here's two things: One - we will undoubtedly bring RENT to Hogwarts...perhaps with Snape and Barty as Collins and Angel (Yes, I know this wouldn't fly with canon, but...We Are The Bronze Trio. We fear no canon...or we can do it at the Yule Ball, when Snape yells at us to go "put on our dress robes" [Ozzy, you have your Ren Fest outfit; Chelsea, I haven't decided for you yet...thought maybe you could put something disapprovable together; I will be wearing a skirt, jeans, my ratty sneakers, and a shirt that says "These ARE My Dress Robes"]. And then charm him into Angel's outfit...yeah...I like that). Two - you get lines like, "In Cyberland, we only drink...*doink on cowbell* DIET COKE!"

Also, since we've established that: Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the Golden Trio; Draco, Pansy, and Blaise/Theodore Nott are the Silver Trio; we are the Bronze Trio; three unnamed Hufflepuffs are the Black Trio; and Dante, Tristan, and Katya are sort of like the UtDS version of all these...what should their name? I've been toying with the Satanic Trio, but that doesn't fly as well as I'd like since Katya's the only half-demon and none of them are technically Satanists. Any ideas?

ALSO! This is just a writerly concern and, since it has to do with our favorite bothering target, I feel...less iffy asking it. ANYWAY. Is it entirely wrong to keep picturing how a certain bit of Severus/Barty fanfic would look were it laid out as a manga? Because...I've been thinking about it all afternoon, and it irritates me that I can't draw or I'd so draw it...
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